Saturday, February 25, 2012

Golden Gate Girl (250 word exercise)

I had been following her for days. I once thought that a lady like her could never cheat - but I wasn’t that foolhardy anymore. And I needed the money. She came every day - after her morning in town - to stand by the bank under the Golden Gate Bridge. “To let her nails dry” my partner, Joe, said. “No bourgioux woman would just sit and think.” This afternoon the water was unusually rocky. I settled behind a few rocks and was finishing my crossword when I heard it. I looked up and she was gone. I was about 600 meters away, but In a flash I was running, my hat flying, stripping my suit jacket. How long had she been under? One, two minutes? I jumped in and grabbed her wrist, then hefted her under the arms. Her body was light and terrifyingly limp. I laid her down on the cement walkway. 1-2-3 - blow. 4 times, 5 times. Her eyes flew open and water poured out.
After a long while she looked at me. Her eyes were blue San Francisco water, “I thought you’d been watching.” “What?” I asked, realizing my blown cover. “This was one way to confirm my suspicions.” “And if I wouldn’t have come?” I asked, perplexed. She paused, and looked down again. “I would either jump and meet you, or I would finally get to what I’ve been putting off.”
I took her hand, “Let me take you home,” and led her away.


Curls O Fred said...

I'm catching up on my reads in my google reader...but my heart leapt when I saw you had a post. So glad you share these, though I might not always have the most professional feedback.

AngelaWoods said...

Thanks hon. I think it's good for me to share, even if it's just to let my work be read by a precious few, it still feels a bit vulnerable for me. So i think it's good i do it. Feedback, I think, is rarely professional, in my opinion. if it is professional, it's because someone knows a subject really well. i would say in this scenario, you can consider yourself a professional. You know me better than most. :)