Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Angle

So my last post was February. Well that's not bad, I'm almost done copying the Merriam Webster's Encyclopedic Dictionary and posting it in one huge post. Finally some glory for eight months of furious typing.

I've actually thought about posting random things many times. Poems I've worked on, little musings I've had, frustrations, etc. And then I remember that I created this blog from another gmail account that I never log into anymore and that really bugs me. Technology's boast on efficiency has yet failed me again. In that it's not efficient at all.

But my, have I digressed.

So I'm not good at setting goals for myself, cause I kinda think that it's not good for one's morale to set goals. Like someone going on a grapefruit diet and then really getting down on themselves cause they ate an orange. I would never, in a million years, go on a grapefruit diet. I would be dreadfully grumpy. And we have way too much ice cream in the freezer for me to spend all my tastebuds just tasting grapefruit sour. All that to say that I'm not setting a goal to post things on a regular basis. I'm not a regular basis type of woman. But it would please me to not surprise my vast base of readers once every year or so with musings out of the blue.

Listening to the new Sufjan Steven's album.

It's interesting. Still deciding if it's all cool or if just some of it is cool and then the rest of it seems redundant and just a little annoying. Just like Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. cool? meh. Sufjan is cooler of the two though.

So that's my re-introduction to blogging. Prepare your reading palate for some dictionarilicious.


andrewo said...

You better not be kidding about posting the dictionary.

write angle enneagram said...

It's true, posting the dictionary would probably be my greatest work yet. If I sent you a draft, would you tell me what you think? ;)

andrewo said...

With every due apology to candy, which I love, what I wanted most as a child was to visit a dictionary store.

OK, so that's a lie, but I haven't lied in a while and I'm starting to worry that I'm getting out of practice. I do like dictionaries though.

andrewo said...

Oh, and good luck with the Hound of the Baskervilles and enjoying winter and all that.

Write Angle Enneagram said...

I love dictionaries too, actually. My mom had this super old dictionary from the early 1900's or so and every time we were unsure of a word's meaning (or when we played scrabble) she would crack it open. Of course, it didn't have staples like 'airplane' or 'automobile', but who needs those words anyways?

I think this winter will be good, as long as the family inheritence stays intact. (isn't that why that hound went scaring people to death?)